Kazi Nazrul Islam: One of the poets of the past century. Phulero Jalasai.. this banquet of flowers..Vocalist Dhirendra Chandra Mitra.

Phulero jalasai nirob kano kobi..bhorer hawaai kanna paawai tab mlan chobi…, nirob kano…tab mlan chobi, nirob kano.., Je bina tomar kolero kache… bukh bhora sur noye jagiya achae, tomar poroshe, chorath harashe,…akash bathashe tar shurero shuroni, nirob kano…tomar jepriya galo biday niya udash praate tomar je priya, galo bidaye niya abhimane raate golap hoye kaande tahare kamona udash praate pheere je ashibena baulo tahare chaho tahare pane daraai je dare,.astha chander bashona bholathe aruno anurage phutilo robe, nirob kano kobi, tab mlano chobi nirob kano kobi, nirob kano kabi, phuler jalasai, nirob kano kabi.

Amongst this banquet of flowers why are you sorrowful O poet? Near you the songs will come alive, filling the heavens and rain with your mighty voice. Yet you remain desolate, poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. In the dawn’s misty breeze that brought tears you are sorrowful of the picture that appears before you. You want to spread its plight across the world understanding that your song was never to return no matter how long you stood guard. Your beloved left with the insulting night remaining only to cry as a rose.   The musical chord near your heart is filled with song waiting to come alive .  That despair spreads across this world and attempts to make the harvest moon to forget its splendor.  Yet given your love the moon still adores. Why then amongst a banquet of roses you remain alone and desolate, O poet, Kazi Nazrul Islam, (Nazi not.)

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