Pt. Bhimsen Joshi-Theertha Vittahala-(All Pilgrimage is Sacred) Raag Ahir Bhairav.

Deva vitthala deva puja vitthala thirtha Vitthala,Chetra Vitthala,Thirtha…Chethra vitthala mata vitthala pita vitthala vitthala mata vitthala pita mata pita bandhu vitthala gotra vitthala deva vitthala devata vitthala puja vitthala, guru vitthala guru devata vitthala nidhan vitthala neerankaran vitthala nama mane meene vitthala sapan ra manu ni kadi chaara paar nahi, paar nahi…theertha vitthala, Chetra vitthala puja. deva vitthala puja Vittahala, Vittahala Vitthala.  All praise to the Divine One. Pilgrimage is Sacred, the place is sacred, one’s heritage is sacred, your mother and father are sacred, friend is sacred, one’s lineage is sacred, all Gods are sacred, prayer is holy, master is holy, the present is holy, the one without is sacred, let me praise your name O God, who comes to all dreams, without whom it is not possible to cross over to the other side, pilgrimage is sacred, the place will be sacred, prayer will be holy, the divine is Sacred.stages of the harvest moonrailroad trackssabarmati ashram

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