An Example of the Songs of the Great Poet Nazrul Islam. Nazrul Geeti.

Mor ghoomo ghore ele monohar, nomo nomo nomo,mor… srabono meghe naache notobor jhomo jhomo romo chamchamo, ramjhomo mor.. sheori boshi chupe chupe chumile nayan, repeat mor bikoshilo abeshe tonu, diposhomo nirupomo, mono romo.. mor…. phulo bone cheelo joto phul ghori dali dino dhali debota mor repeat hai neela na sche phul cchi cchi je phul neela tuli khopa khuli kusumo dol sapane ki je koi aachite ki aacho joli jagiya keende daki debotai priyatomo priyatmo, mor ghoomo ghore… srabono meghe naache notobor chama chamo rama jhomo. Beloved, you have entered into my chamber greetings!! In the monsoon clouds dances the figure of Shiva, playfully, intricately, divinely. Silently from the corners you kissed my eyes, within me you have provided belief of incarnations, most beautiful of all salutation for coming for me. In my garden I have picked all the flowers for my godly one. Yet, you did not take my flowers, for shame. With a  blue brush you took from my hair a bud as if awakened from a dream. Alas, What can I say when you control the path and leave me. When I am fully awake I cry for you, my beloved, godly one. Beloved you have come to me in my dream.

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