Amen El Cuerpo De Cristo- The Body Of Christ.

Amén. El Cuerpo de Cristo. [Amen. The body of Christ.] Amén. La Sangre del Señor. [Amen. The blood of the Lord.] Eating your body, drinking your blood, we become what we receive. Amén. Amén.

1. Amén. We remember your dying and your rising. Amén. Y contigo, Señor, resucitamos. [And with you, Lord, we rise.] Amén.

2. Amén. Now we offer the sacrifice you gave us. Amén. Te ofrecemos, Señor, todo loque somos. [We offer you, Lord, all that we are.] Amén.

3. Amén. Lord, you make us one body and one spirit. Amén. En tu cuerpo, Señor, un pueblo santo. [In your body, Lord, a holy people.] Amén.

4. Amén. We find you when we serve the poor and lowly. Amén. A ti mismo servimos en los pobres. [You yourself we serve in the poor.] Amén.

5. Amén. We look forward to your return in glory. Amén. Esperamos el día de tu venida. [We hope for the day of your coming.] Amén.

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