Poem by poet Rabindranath Tagore–You will rest in our hearts. Shubha Mudgal artist extraordinaire not.

When a human heart won’t yield to God, it must be broken.

This heart of mine that longs for him is bereft. My friend who waited on me hand and foot. Who having known all my strengths and weaknesses kept me always in his midst. The One who was my journeyman and released me from the throes of death. That greatness which encompasses everything before whom all are beggars. The lover of all loves who without complaint fills my soul. The possessor of my body, He is the breath of my breath, the keeper of my mind, my friend understanding and my witness. Those who understand give testimony. He is the fantasy that my soul waits on. You who rests in my heart, secretly and silently found a home. Just as the night’s moon is hidden, you have found in me a home. My breath, my spirit, my promise you fill with majesty. Secretly and silently like moonlight you will forever rest in my heart.

Translated from Urdu and Bengali: Haei ye dil bekarar uske liye, dost tehera jo zindagi bhar ka vo ham nava ke jo sabit kadam hamesha raha, jo mere saath shaburoj ka musafir tha, haya to mauth ki pabandiyo se baz raha vo la zabal mas sajarat ka pai kare ala muhabbato ka ami, bina hagaha muhafiz vo chaino amun katha rafiq mere zahin ka, vo meri ruh ki ruh, mera dimag mera kalb aur badan me raha jo iltimaz kare vo nawaz deta hai vo ek shaq mera dil asir hai jiska tumi robe nirobe, hridoye momo, tumme dilme sammaoge, tumme dilme sammaoge, chupke, chupke khamoshi se…, jaise geherati hai akash me chandi raat, tumme dil… chupke chupke,..meri saanse meri ruh, mera halka labehedhud, meri saanse… ese bhar loge tumme apne chaman, aur shaan au shokat se, tumme dil….chupke chupke khamoshi se..jaise geherati hai akash me chaandi raat,…tumme dil me sammaoge.

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